What's This?

TradeResolver is a tool for solving math trades. For a good description of what a math trade is, see Math trade guide on BoardGameGeek.

TradeResolver is a Java program for solving math trades. You can run the program on any platform that has Java interpreter. That includes Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and Linux to name a few.


You can find the latest version of TradeResolver on the SourceForge download page. The release packages include the source code, but you can also check the CVS repository.


A readme file is included in the package, but you can also find it on the SourceForge documentation page.

Credits and license

TradeResolver is written by Mikko Saari ( It's based on algorithms described by Matthew Gray, B. Perry and Chris Okasaki.

TradeResolver is released as public domain. The release package includes source code, which you can use for whatever purpose you want. If you improve the code, please share your improvements with me, so everybody can benefit.

In general I'd like to hear if you actually use TradeResolver for something. Drop me an e-mail at and tell me what did you trade, which settings did you use and what were the results.


Math Trade Theory & Algorithms discussion on Geek.
TradeGenie - another math trade resolver. Runs only on Windows, but is a lot faster than TradeResolver.
Mathematical No-risk Trade Resolution Tool - Matthew Gray's web-based tool.

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